Blazeetah is a Fire-Type Pokémon. It is number #104 in the Pelsio PokéDex.

It evolves into Cheeterno when exposed to a Fire Stone.

Description Edit

Species: Fire Cheetah Pokémon

Type: Fire

Ability: Flash Fire

Hidden Ability: Rivalry

Gender: 50% male, 50% female

Height: 2’00”

Weight: 17 lbs 8.5 kg

Evolution: Blazeetah —> (Fire Stone) —> Cheeterno

Name Origin: Blaze + Cheetah

Pokédex entry Edit

The size of the flame on Blazeetah’s tail indicates it is going to evolve or it is running faster. They are the fastest Pokémon in the Pelsio region, even outrunning a Rapidash.

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